Saturday, October 08, 2005

The Trucker

The Trucker
European university students’ run magazine

The Trucker. European university students’ run magazine wants to be an independent means to exchange thought and researches among students from several European universities in the fields of arts, literature, philosophy, humanities and social sciences.
The student covers a particular position within our economical context: his study and research activity does not produce any plus-value which could be spent in the consumerism society system. The activity of a student is apart from the negotuim dynamics, which obey to the demand of commodity, productivity, and advantage. But the students’ otium is not meant as an aulic unengagement, neither as a detachment from the world and its activity: we should purpose it as an alternative negotiation for a patrimony of free and independent knowledge.
In exchanging this “superfluous” stuff you build a new economy, in which the commanding of profit is replaced by principles of dissemination and dispersion, and wandering thought, that is able to generate expanded and discursive spaces.

The Trucker offers a space of transition to all those researches, essays and texts which usually remains as word files in the folders of one’s own computer, and which could represent the address of one’s own future researches. The practice of translation of a file into an essay to be published amplifies the possibility of a cultural exchange, as well as the confrontation among different researches and didactics experiences all around European universities. The editorial board deals with the chose of the materials to publish and assures the translation. The texts are supposed to be considered as copylefted.

The Trucker tries not to activate any money exchange: for this reason it is distributed by photocopied issues, which can easily be sponsored by copy-centres you can found in the area around the university buildings. Each “national photocopied issue” is differentiated from the others only by the acknowledgement to the sponsoring copy-centre and the national initials (like the sticker on the car). Each national co-editor takes care of photocopies and distribution.

This exchange supposes the availability of each collaborator to translate him/herself, to set him/her comprehensible in a wider and global manner, considering the infinite potentiality of the confrontation with the alterity, but also the proper margins of untranslateability. The intercultural approach joins the cross-cultural practice, since The Trucker is composed by texts which are written in one’s own mother-language with the English translation on the front, as the vehicular language. The babelic image the magazine represents wants to promote the idea of European identity as something that is built on differences – rather than homologations and common roots – in the framework of a geographical area which is supposed to be considered as a territory of translations.

The Trucker
goes across these thresholds, trucking cultural stuff and knowledge from one country to another, from city after city. Like a lorry or a T.I.R. moving through local contexts, travelling the streets, mixing geographies and letting the possibility to watch the landscapes flowing along its route. The trucker is for us a sort of mascot, the European icon of a trans-national course, of an “exchange economy” which is quick but not speeded: the trucker represents the idea of the journey, but also the necessity of a pit-stop to face new departures.

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