Tuesday, January 09, 2007

In Transit #28

Thing, controlled by the fear of identification or Helmet

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Dear Friend

You remember that day when you showed me that engraving that Foucault beloved so much? The one depicting a metal structure that tries to straight a tree? I never forgot that image.
Tried to reach you to know what you think about this new project but had no replies. I decided to call it Thing, controlled by the fear of identification or Helmet. Its basis is set on those conversations about Desire nurtured by those vermouth dinners. About the way it establishes representations of groups and forms of knowledge.
Funny how that minimalist affection I had been manifesting was overtook under a clearly more sensitive and even baroque imagery. And as if I tend to think these new productions as thy simple things, the environments born from these journeys are expanded by a poetics of failure and absence. That unease’s me as if there was a charm on defeating definable things. And though, that formality seems to suffice.
I talked to some other friends about all of this. Told them how important it is to negotiate that interest that springs from the escape, the mystery of what is still untold. Must be sounding alike a missionary by now…

(Letter to Francesco, 28 December 2006)

A project by Paulo Mendes
Artes em Partes, Rua Miguel Bombarda
Opening: Saturday 13th January, 16.00

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